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Computer Safety Notice

In order to take the Questionnaire on the gooddivorcebaddivorce.com website, you first need to register your e-mail address with us.

If you are worried about protecting your privacy and don’t want to risk the chance of your spouse or partner looking to see where you’ve been, then you should do the following to protect yourself from detection:

  1. Do not use your home computer. You can use the computer at the public library, or one at work, or at a friend’s or relative’s house.

  2. Set up a new e-mail account and create a password that your spouse can’t guess, to access it. You can set up a free account at Yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

Remember -- do not store your password. Also remember to make sure that the box that says in effect, “remember this password“is not checked.

If you must use your own computer, then you should make sure to clear your browser’s history after you are finished using the site, to prevent monitoring by others. There are instructions below for how to delete history from browsers. If these do not help, you can find instructions by going to the help menu item on your own browser and keying in “delete browser history” or “internet privacy.”

Again, please understand that if you are at all concerned about your computer privacy, be aware that your spouse or partner can access the information that’s embedded in your computer no matter what means you take to protect it. This snooping can be done through the use of computer technicians, and sophisticated technology. To protect yourself, you should not use your home computer.

Erasing Internet Explorer’s Browser History

To erase your browser history in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

  • Open the Tools menu from the toolbar.

  • Select Internet Options from the Tools Menu.

  • Click the Delete Browsing History button.

  • Click the Yes button on confirmation.

Erasing Firefox’s Browser History


Here’s what Mozilla says about deleting history from Firefox:

For security and privacy reasons, it's not good to leave a trail behind you as you browse (especially if you’re using a shared computer). Firefox lets you erase your browsing and download history, clear your cache and delete your cookies in a single click. Just go to Tools → Clear Recent History… to make it happen. Or, to be extra careful, go to Tools → Options → Privacy and select the "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox" option.

  • Open the Tools menu from the toolbar.

  • Select Options from the Tools Menu.

  • Click on the Privacy tab placed at the top.

  • Click the Clear Now button placed under the Private Data heading.

  • Check the Browsing History and Saved Form and Search History checkboxes (if not initially checked).

  • Click on the Clear Private Data Now button.

Erasing Safari’s Browser History

To delete history from Safari, (for Mac users) see: http://www.apple.com/pro/tips/privacy_safari.html

The instructions from Apple state in part:

“What if you decide you need privacy after you’ve been browsing? You have several options: You can remove individual pages from Safari’s page-view history, erase the entire history, or clear all traces of your activity, including any cookies and cache files you may have accumulated.

To review the pages you’ve visited and delete them as desired, go to the History menu and select Show All History. Here you can select pages and clear them with the Delete key. To wipe the entire Safari history, select Clear History from the History menu. For a completely clean slate, go to the Safari menu and select Reset Safari.

Note that the Private Browsing option does not prevent Safari from collecting cookies (the preference files automatically generated by many websites). The Reset Safari option clears all cookies. If you want to delete only certain ones, choose Preferences from the Safari menu, click the Security tab, and then click Show Cookies. You can select and delete individual cookies from the list that appears. Careful, though — if you’re a frequent web user, this list can be very, very long.”

Erasing Google Chrome’s Browser History

To erase your browser history in Google Chrome, follow these steps located at http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95537



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