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Lawyer caught on camera under oath, admits to charging his client more than $300 an hour to get his exercise! Don’t let this happen to you. Contact Karen Winner, Esq. to help you fight legal fee abuse.

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I am a primary care lawyer. Problem-solving. Truth-Telling. Using Legal Interventions if Harms Have Occurred.

I consider your unique circumstances, assess the situation, factoring in your non-legal personal, financial interests and goals, without compromising your legal needs. I can offer practical as well as legal advice before you decide to make that life-change, or file that lawsuit, or start that business. I can be aggressive when that's what's needed, or can be cooperative when that's the better approach.

If you need a second opinion, I can help, or if I can’t, I can find someone who can. I can help you find the right counsel to handle a speciality issue, or expert. If you are having problems with your lawyer or expert, I can help. I can draft a pleading or a contract -- not from a cookie-cutter set of legal forms. I enjoy eliminating loop-holes to protect your rights.

As a direct outgrowth of my professional background and experience, I concentrate in select areas of Family Law, as well as Attorney-Client Relationships, Ethics, Fraud, Investigations, Case Strategies. I have worked discreetly with many high net worth clients.

High Net Worth Divorce? Looking for information so you can make decisions in your own best interest?    

Uncooperative spouse?

Wondering how long the divorce proceeding might take?
How long should you have to wait it out?
How might your future alimony be reduced by protracted litigation?  
In temporary alimony limbo?
Would you like to find out if there are any cases similar to yours to give you some general standards to go by? 
If you believe there is financial fraud or perjury, will  it matter to the court or are you spinning your wheels?
Want to protect against loopholes in the settlement agreement?
Looking for 50 percent of assets in your long term marriage? Why you shouldn't count on it in New York.
Looking to hold your spouse accountable for fraud and/or perjury? Why you shouldn't count on it in New York.
Is your lawyer telling you to sell a home prior to the divorce itself and you don't want to? You don't have to!
When the wife of a hedge fund manager needed a second opinion to review her divorce settlement agreement, she contacted me.   I found a $50,000 kickback from the husband to the wife's lawyer buried in the agreement. No wonder the woman's lawyer  pressured her to sign it without explaining!


I am also a general practitioner. Some examples of my work:
* Brought fraud-against-the-court claim against a major law firm -- only one of a handful of such claims in NY to have succeeded past the initial legal hurdle -- See Lauder v Goldhamer, App Div, 2d Dept 122 AD3d 908 (2014).
*Obtained compensation for an Indian widow and her child after their lawyer stole their settlement funds. I worked with the D.A. and NY Lawyers Fund For Client Protection (pro bono -for free).
* I stopped major hotels from hijacking the domain name of a popular NY hotel. 










Divorced From Justice
"Karen Winner’s groundbreaking exposé of the flagrant denials of due process and judicial abuses inflicted on women in our family courts is a clarion call for legislative action."  

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Author Karen Winner Esq testifies before the New York Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline