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After you answer the questions, you will immediately be able to find out your score. If you receive a score of 16 or higher, you are at HIGH RISK for a bad divorce. For those who score in this category, we have created Self-Education Packets for High Risk individuals, available for sale in our Publications Store. The information contained in the Packet will help you assess what you need to do to make informed choices to prepare and protect yourself. If you are LOW RISK or MEDIUM RISK you may still find the Self-Education Packet helpful because it covers some issues applicable to all Questionnaire Takers such as How to Deal With Lawyers. If your situation changes and you believe you could become High Risk, you might also want to purchase the Packet.
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Length of Marriage

Has the divorce proceeding started yet, meaning have you been served with papers or have you served your spouse with papers?

Is your spouse connected with the court system? (For example, a lawyer, court clerk, friend of a judge, etc.)

Is your spouse networked with the local community? (political, religious, financial connections)

Does your spouse argue in your child's presence?

How important is it to your spouse to object to your obtaining sole physical sole custody of the children?

Is your spouse a compulsive liar?

Do you know what the standard for the “best interest of the child” means?

Do you believe the courts protect women and children?

Are you on any medication for any of the following: depression, anxiety, bipolar diagnosis?

THIS QUESTION IS FOR WOMEN ONLY. If you have children, do you know what “parental alienation” means?

THIS QUESTION IS FOR WOMEN ONLY. Have you been diagnosed with a “borderline personality?”

Do you have problems such as illicit drugs, alcohol, driving-while-intoxicated, or a criminal record?

If you answered Yes to Question #14 above, does your spouse know you have any of these problems?

Is your spouse a successful business person?

Does your spouse control you?

Does your spouse keep you socially isolated?

Is your spouse aggressive?

Is your spouse vindictive?

Does your spouse work in a “cash” business, meaning one where he or she has a cash flow – like a restaurant or retail business?

Does your spouse earn a salary (get W-2 statements)?

Does your spouse have sole control over the family finances?

Do you have any knowledge of the family court?

Does your spouse share financial information with you about his or her separate business?

Are you maintaining any bank accounts separately in your name only?

Does your spouse control the family finances including your separate earnings?

Do you believe that the judge and/ or your lawyer are motivated primarily by the concepts of “justice” and “fairness” regarding any claims that could arise?

Have significant assets accumulated during the marriage? (ownership of home, pension, stocks and bonds, etc.)

Has your spouse ever been diagnosed as having an anti-social personality or as a sociopath or psychopath or if not, do you have reason to believe your spouse fits the profile?

The symptoms of people who are psychopathic (also known as sociopathic or as having an anti-social personality) include the following: cunning manipulativeness, lack of a conscience; no remorse or sense of guilt; lack of empathy; egocentricity; pathological and skillful lying; repeated violations of social norms; disregard for the law; shallow emotions; and a history of victimizing others.

Divorced From Justice
"Karen Winner’s groundbreaking exposé of the flagrant denials of due process and judicial abuses inflicted on women in our family courts is a clarion call for legislative action."  

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